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Office Depot authorized to acquire Casa Marchand

Miguel Pallares | El Universal
14:14Monday 07 April 2014

The decision of Cofece was taken on March 27 and will be valid for six months upon the notification to the interested parties.. (Photo: Archive/El Universal )

According to the decision by the Federal Commission on Economic Competition, this acquisition does not have an anti-competitive effect.

Office Depot de Mexico was authorized by the Federal Commission on Economic Competition (COFECE) to acquire Casa Marchand.

"Based on the analysis of the concentration indices in the stationary market, this operation is not expected to have an anti-competitive effect," according to a statement released by COFECE.

The decision of the anti-trust authority was ruled on March 27 and will be valid for six months upon the notification to the interested parties. 

Casa Marchand sells and distributes stationery and office items.