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Students storm stores in Chilpancingo

Vania Pigeonutt and Alberto Morales| El Universal
13:05Saturday 25 October 2014

The outside of the Aurrerá store in Chilpancingo. (Photo: Jorge Ríos / EL UNIVERSAL )

The capital of Guerrero is shaken by protests against the disappearance of 43 students in Iguala.

Students from the teachers college in Ayotzinapa irrupted into at least four department stores, subtracting foodstuffs and electronics, and inviting people to do the same, as part of their actions in demand of justice for their 43 colleagues missing since September after an attack by municipal police and criminals in Iguala.

The Aurrerá store, from the Mexican subsidiary of Wal-Mart, south of Chilpancingo, saw the arrival of the students on board buses to take away goods, after they broke the glass doors in the inside to facilitate the looting.

Same thing happened in the Comercial Mexicana, Sam’s Club and Soriana stores, this last one just beside the governor palace, where police with riot equipment arrived to avoid the looting of the government offices.

The students also occupied radio stations, like Capital Máxima, and used them to invite people to take on the “capitalist” stores, owned by businessmen who “always have grown rich from the people.”

In Comercial Mexicana the put a banner with “All Free” written over it, filling shopping carts with merchandise so people could just take them away. They also destroyed plasma TVs and broke the glass doors.

In Aurrerá, according to witnesses, they arrived with masks covering their faces and armed with sticks, but “they didn’t attack people, just invited them to take away things.”