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Parents of Ayotzinapa students make call for justice

Agencia Quadratín| El Universal
23:08Sunday 07 December 2014

'If we want to change our homeland, we must do it with our families, from the towns, the states, expressed Juan. (Photo: Agencia Quadratín )

Before a festival in support of their cause, they called for an union of people to prevent more violent events in the country.

The parents of Christian Tomás Garnica Colón, one of the 42 Ayotzinapa students, and those of Edgar Andrés Vargas, injured by the military on September 27, called for an awakening of consciousness, and rise voices and demand justice for the people of Mexico.

During their presentation before the Festival Voces por Ayotzinapa (Voices for Ayotzinapa Festival) in the Guelaguetza Auditorium in Oaxaca, they thanked for the support they have been receiving.

Nicolás Andrés Juan, father of Edgar, who remains in the hospital with a tracheotomy, said that “it is very sad to see the injustices committed against our people”.

Maybe it is because the people has allowed it to happen and has been fearful to rise their voices and claim for justice, he said.

Along Lucía Garnica and Juan Colón, parents of Christian, from the town of Tlacolula, in Guerrero, he called the audience to leave fear behind.

“If we want to change our homeland, we must do it with our families, from the towns, the states. With our vote we put the authorities to dispense justice upon us, but it turns out that we are getting the opposite,” he said.

Under the constant slogan of “you are not alone”, Juan expressed his hope that day by day, more people will join in the demand of justice and keep the country from going through violent events.