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Ninón Sevilla dies of a heart attack

Notimex| El Universal
17:03Thursday 01 January 2015

Ninón Sevilla was one of the most iconic figures of Mexican cinema. (Photo: Archive/EL UNIVERSAL )

The Cuban actress was one of the most iconic figures of Mexican cinema.

Cuban actress Ninón Sevilla, an iconic figure of Mexican cinema, died today at 85 in a hospital of Mexico City, victim of a heart attack.

The news were confirmed by her family, who just hours before had informed that she was stable and thanked everybody for their support.

Emelia Pérez Castellanos, real name of the actress and dancer, was a multifaceted performer who appeared in movies like "Carita de cielo" (1946), "Pecadora" (1947)  "Señora Tentación" (1948), "Revancha" (1948), "Coqueta" (1948), "Pérdida" (1949) and "Aventurera" (1950), this last one considered the masterpiece of the “Cine de Rumberas”, a sub-genre of Mexican cinema, focused on the life of cabaret figures.

Sevilla also appeared in soap operas like "Juicio de almas" (1964), "Tú eres mi destino" (1984), "Rosa salvaje" (1987), "Cuando llega el amor" (1989), "Yo no creo en los hombres" (1991), "Las secretas intenciones" (1992), "María la del barrio" (1995), "La usurpadora" (1997), "Rosalinda" (1999) and "Tres mujeres" (1999).

She was awarded the Silver Goddess Award “Dolores del Río” in 2009, for her film career, and in 2014 she received a homage by the Mexican Academy of Art and Cinematographic Sciences and the National Film Archives, for her career and influence in cinema.