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Aristegui vows to give the 'good fight'

Newsroom| El Universal
14:42Monday 16 March 2015

MVS announced the end of its relationship with Aristegui. (Photo: Archive/ EL UNIVERSAL )

She pointed out that she is consulting with her team of lawyers about her next move.

Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui said that she will give "the good fight" along her team, after her removal from the newscasts of MVS Radio.

This morning, her team denounced that media conglomerate MVS did not allow them to conduct their daily show. Last night, the company announced the end of its relationship with Aristegui and related journalists.

Aristegui said that "all these vices seem to be planned in advance, with many resources and power supporting them. So, we are going to talk to our team and analyze the best way to fight, and we will.”

The journalist and her team were joined by media and colleagues while standing in front of the main offices of MVS.

"Our lawyers told us that they have no right to do what they are doing, that we are going to give the good fight. This is an outrage against the freedom of expression, and there is a series of irregularities and a fully denounced situation," she said.

Sunday night, MVS Radio network announced the end of its relationship with Aristegui, adding that it rejects the "ultimatum" presented by her demanding the return of two members of her team that had been fired.

"We regret the decision of the radio host, but as a company we cannot accept conditions and ultimatums from our collaborators. Dialogue cannot be achieved by imposing conditions, but listening to the participants and trying to reach agreements," expressed MVS in a press release.