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Pederast priest arrested in SLP

Xóchitl Álvarez/correspondent| El Universal
10:41Saturday 28 June 2014

The Mexican Catholic Church has recently faced a series of acussations of sexual abuse. (Photo: Archive/EL UNIVERSAL )

Priest Guillermo Gil Torres used to present pornographic pictures and abuse a minor

Mexican Catholic priest Guillermo Gil Torres, of the parish of the Church of Santa Rosa de Lima, was arrested by the state police for sexual abuse of a child, and the authorities are still looking for priest Eduardo Córdova accused of sexually abusing 19 minors.

Last night, the authorities intercepted the priest on board his car, while trying to run away, according to the arrest order by a criminal judge, according to the Department of Justice of the State.

Gil Torres was arrested for sexually abusing a boy and presenting pornographic material.

The family of the affected boy informed that the abuse began in November, when the priest invited him to show him some pictures of a travel and touched his legs. On occasions, since the boy was sent to help with church labors, Gil Torres took him to the Parish House, where he would show him naked pictures of himself and abuse him.

The boy began to have problems at school and appeared to be “very sad and nervous” and asked his grandmother to never take him back to church, revealing to her what the priest had done to him.

The grandmother denounced the facts to the authorities and asked archbishop José Carlos Cabrero Romero to begin a canonical process against the priest.