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Radioactive material found in Puebla

Newsroom| El Universal
12:43Friday 13 June 2014
The Civil Protection Service has ruled that the material is relationed to the stolen gauge from the National Construction Laboratory in the State of Mexico

A small cardboard box with the symbol of "radioactivity" was located last night in the city of Puebla.

On the intersections of 13th Street East and 16th South, security forces and military officers arrived at the scene and discovered radioactive medical material but ruled out any risk.

The Civil Protection authorities ruled that the material had to do with the radioactive soil gauge  stolen from the National Construction Laboratory in the State of Mexico.

The director of Civil Protection, Gustavo Ariza Salvatori, said that a neighbor discovered the box and informed the authorities.

He said the Committee on Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies was contacted and its  specialists determined that the materal found did not put at risk the population.