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Simeone wants to keep Jiménez in Real

EFE| El Universal
09:37Friday 02 January 2015

Simeone, pictured, plans to keep Raúl Jiménez. (Photo: EFE )

The Argentinean coach does not want him traded in the winter market.

Argentinean Diego Simeone, coach of Real Madrid, said that he will keep Mexican Raúl Jiménez and that striker Fernando Torres “is working pretty well and is getting really well with the team”.

“He will not (being lent to another team). For starters, I don’t want to. Afterwards, I don’t know”, expressed Simeone when asked about the possibility of having Jiménez going to another team in the winter market season, while praising his qualities. Jiménez arrived last Summer, from Mexico City’s America.

“I ask from him the same I do to all the other players. I always say that the game field has the last word. We are playing really well and we have good possibilities in the three tournaments. Raúl is a guy who’s working fine, he got along the team pretty well and hopefully when his turn comes to play he will demonstrate it in the field,” he said.

The Mexican forward has played on 14 of the 26 games of the season, five in the first team, for a total of 599 minutes and a score.