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'The Beast' maims at least two immigrants every month

Juan Manuel Barrera| El Universal
13:25Sunday 15 June 2014

Luis Fernando Carranza Cruz from Guatemala lost his right leg on June 1 and is recovering at Vicente Villada hospital . (Photo: JUAN MANUEL BARRERA / EL UNIVERSAL )

The train used by Central American immigrants to get to the border with the United States has caused countless accidents.

Vicente Villada hospital in the State of Mexico says that every month at least two immigrants arrive at the hospital after being maimed by the train known as "La Bestia" (The Beast), used by undocumented immigrants to get to the border with the United States.  

Jorge Galván Domínguez, director of the hospital, said they also receive immigrants hurt by knives and that every year, at least 15 Central American women give birth at the hospital. 

Immigrants "are robbed in the areas of Tultitlán Teoloyucan, Tultepec, Coyotepec and Zumpango," Galván explained.  

He added that an amputation surgery costs between 100,000 and 150,000 pesos (7,685 and 11,525 dollars), and that the State of Mexico covers these costs. 

Galván explained that, at present, there are three immigrants maimed by the train at the hospital, including Luis Fernando Carranza Cruz from Guatemala, who lost his right leg on June 1.  

"My feet got frozen, I could not stand up and when I did, I fell from the train," said Carrranza, 18. 

On his way to the United States, where he wanted to work to help his mother and younger brother, he witnessed robberies, accidents and kidnappings.    

"In Orizaba a woman fell from the train and cut her hand and one foot of her son," he explained. "People should think twice" before embarking on this dangerous adventure, he added.  

Once Carranza recovers, he will be deported to Guatemala, where his family awaits him.