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Fight against climate change is not bad for the economy: Calderón

Newsroom| El Universal
19:00Tuesday 24 June 2014

Calderón said that the main obstacle for the solution of the problem is the US Congress. (Photo: Archive )

The former Mexican president said that people could benefit from the combat against climate change

Former Mexican president Felipe Calderón Hinojosa said that the climate change and its effects will represent an enormous cost for the US and the rest of the world, and that the fight against the problem should not affect the economy.

In an interview with CNN, Calderón Hinojosa said that the main obstacle to the solution for climate change is the economy, but “we can have economic growth, fight poverty and create jobs while being responsible with the environment.”

Calderón said that the “biggest problem” in this regard is the US Congress. “In the US politics this is like a religious subject. It is not a question of science, unfortunately. But in my opinion, the question is not wether you believe in climate change or not.”

Being a believer or a skeptic does not mean that there would not be “winners and losers”, he said. “We have to be frank about it. But on the general level, there will be more winers than anything else. For example, the workers related to wind power in the United States are more than those in the coal industry.”

There are many interests contrary to the fight against climate change, but they must be defeated, he added.