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B.A.P. ready to conquer Mexico with K-Pop

Janet Mérida| El Universal
17:40Wednesday 29 October 2014

B.A.P. will perform at the Arena Ciudad de México on October 30.. (Photo: Courtesy of Dilemma )

Music Bank In Mexico will take place on October 30 at the Arena Ciudad de México.

The South Korean band B.A.P. is part of the seven groups that will perform in the Music Bank In Mexico, so that the members told EL UNIVERSAL what to expect in the festival. 

"Every time we go on the stage, we think that this musical genre is being recognized not only in Asia but around the world. We feel very proud for being part of it," said Himchan. 

According to Zelo, in this first edition of the festival "artists will show the energy of K-Pop (Korean Pop)." 

"We think it will be the best show because of the excellent artists, we are very excited," he said, referring to the six artists that will perform: BEAST, BTS, Ailee, EXO-K, Girl's Day and INFINITE. 

The artists confessed to put a lot of effort into their style and choreography, as it expresses the personality of the group. "If music conveys our message, our style and choreography visually convey our message," said Jongup. 
The event will take place at the Arena Ciudad de México on October 30 in Mexico City.